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Request Condo and Homeowner Association Certificate

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Need a certificate for condo or homeowner association? We’re here for you.

From time to time, you may be in a situation that requires proof of insurance. And usually, you need to provide proof quickly. We think that you have a right to expect timely delivery of insurance certificates.

Certificate request process.

Certificate of insurance requests are processed and delivered by our partner, Artizan Internet Services. The form is hosted on the Artizan website.

Have the following information readily available to complete your certificate request:

  • Name of the condo/homeowners association
  • Bank name, mortgage, clause, address and loan number
  • Unit owner name
  • Unit property address
Begin by logging in.

1. Click Here to continue to the login page.
2. Enter your credentials:

  • Login ID: condo
  • Password: certs
Follow the steps below to complete.

1. Select Managing Certificates
2. Select “Issue A Certificate of Insurance/Proof of Insurance”
3. Choose an insured.

  • Enter name of condominium/homeowners association.
    • If you cannot find your association, try entering less letters of the name. (i.e. if you cannot locate “Riverblue condos”, try searching for “River”)
    • Choose the name from the list that will appear.

4. Click on certificate from selection list.
5. Choose “Add Holder”.
6. Enter certificate holder information.

  • Full Name – Name of the Bank/Credit Union
  • Address Line 1 – Mortgagee Clause (ex. ISAOA/ATIMA)
  • Address Line 2 – Mailing Address
  • City, State, Zip

7. Enter description of operations; holder specific portion.

  • Unit Owner / Property Address / Loan Number

8. Enter recipient(s).

  • Enter up to three separate recipients (fax or email).

9. Submit request.
10. Form and attachment link will open in pop-up box.

  • Click Certificate and your certificate will be on the screen.
  • Choose to either print, save or close.
  • A copy will also be emailed to you.
  • The “View on Screen” box in the Delivery Information is automatically checked, please disable your pop-up blocker for box to appear with Certificate in PDF Form. You can Email or Print the form using the options on your toolbar. Please check your junk folder if the confirmation email does not arrive within minutes.

For a printable or pdf copy of our step-by-step guide, click here. If you need additional assistance, please contact our office.

For all other certificate requests, complete the form below.

Certificate Request

Tell us what you need and we’ll review the details and be in touch with next steps.

  • Information About the Certificate Holder

  • Special Instructions

  • Coverage will not be bound or changed until confirmed by a licensed agent.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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